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The first time I hosted a student was 7 years ago. I now devote every year in welcoming foreign students. Having a son of the same age of the students I welcome, I do for them what I would do for him, while helping them to find their autonomy in the city. I respect everyone's personality, I guide them a lot at the beginning. The exchanges are very enriching: I make them know our city and more broadly France and our culture, our history and the links with theirs. In contact with them, I gradually learn to know their way of life and their views of the world. I am curious about everything and passionate about what I do not know yet. I make myself available to them. I have always had interesting meetings. I have the pleasure of keeping in touch with them after their stay. Some of them came back on holiday at my place, others are planning to do it. Everyone knows they will always be welcome, even years later.
Host family
I have been a host family in Afar17 since 2011 and I have received many students. I like this commitment because I support the exchange between the international and our beautiful country while allowing students to discover the French university. I also learn many from others and it is true, I improve my english! But it's an exchange and I also teach them how to use French better. I find it very interesting to share my daily life with the youth! At home, you can cook or stroll on the beach, in the cinema ... The students are very free in their organization and I am here to accompany them whenever they want. After their departure, we keep in touch with the social network Facebook
Host family

I am part of the host families of Afar17 since 2016 and I have been hosting two students. I decided to get involved in this association to share my culture, my values and to learn from others. This really makes it possible to enrich myself on lots of different subjects but also to show France to these foreign students! We spend a lot of time talking with them and organizing outings to show them the area.
Host family
I thought it would help being with a family being so far from my home. I learned so much from this experience: the french culture as a whole and how french people live day to day. I also learned so much more french and expanded my knowledge in the language. I also learned how to live in a foreign country by myself. It has been so great. I live with just my host mom and she is amazing, so sweet, welcoming, and comforting! She helped me so much in my transition abroad.
American student
Hello! I am happy to write a review. I studied in La Rochelle for a few months in the Fall of 2013. It was 4 of the most memorable months of my life. The school we studied at was nice being surrounded by other exchanges students. My host mom was so generous, kind and very hospitable. She even took me on a trip to a nearby city and taught me so much about France. La Rochelle was a beautiful city very unique from the touristy city of Paris. I still talk about my adventures 4 years later!
Asleigh B
American student
I wanted to learn the ways of the french people, also I wanted to meet new people. If anyone is wondering whether or not they want to live in a french family, I definitely recommend it. I learned to respect and love other people. I learned how to sit and have a meal. I learned to share with people that have completely different lives than me. I learned the difference between good wine and bad wine, good bread and bad bread, good cheese and strong cheese, because all cheese is good. I learned that life is full of moments that we cherish. Finally, I learned to be who you are is the greatest honor on planet earth. I could not have asked to live with two more caring, loving or kind people. I owe them so much more than they have given me. My only hope is that we meet again in life. As long as didier and odile are involved in the organization I would recommend it !
American student
I wanted to really submerge myself in french culture and this seemed the best option. I improved my french verbal communication greatly and I learned that french culture and life is very different than that of america. My family was very welcoming and made me feel at home. The food was delicious and I loved the conversations I had with them each night. It is a well rounded program that offers french family, culture, and education to international students.
American student
I decided to come in France through Afar17 to become more fluent in french. French classes are longer than ours (US). They cook like a professional ! I would totally advice this kind of french stay to my friends.
American student

I wanted to learn french with native speakers by studying a semester in France. I think I learned french far better than I would have in an international dorm. My family was so kind with me. They cared that I learned the french language while also enjoying my time in France

I chose afar17 because I wanted to meet local people and learn french outside of class. Thanks to this stay, I became much better in french and much more independant. My french family was very nice and welcoming, and I felt very comfortable with them.

I attended the College of Charleston for my undergraduate studies and our school had a program set up with L’Université de La Rochelle and so sent a group to La Rochelle each year. This allowed me to transfer all credits back to Charleston and earn my minor in French. I formed a great group of friends who were not only French but also German, Norwegian, Moroccan, and Venezuelan, to name a few. La Rochelle was the perfect sized city for us, as we really immersed ourselves in the French culture. I very much enjoyed that the teachers did not speak English as it forced us to speak French constantly. We had to find a different path to explain something if we did not have the requisite vocabulary. I stayed with Nicole Chevalier and I could not have asked for a better host. Nicole and I got on very well as she knew a great deal of English vocabulary and, while we did speak French together, she would often help me when I did not know certain terms. I think back very fondly on my stay with Nicole and I highly recommend her to anyone who mentions they might join the La Rochelle program. Today I am finishing up my Masters in Accounting degree at Wake Forest University and will be moving to Boston in January to start my career. My company is international and has its headquarters in London so I am hoping to move to London or possibly Paris down the line for an abroad work experience for a couple of years