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Are you tempted by the experience? Apply to be part of AFAR17 students!


To do so, follow the different steps belo :


1 – Learn about and keep with you:

2- Register and complete your Personal record

3- Register and complete your Stay-contract-in-foster-family

4- Pay the booking fees (50€ ) + the full cost of accommodation (30€ per day during your stay).

5- Send these documents (“Contrat d’inscription” and “fiche personnelle”) by E-mail at this address :

BE CAREFUL : Your registration will not be valid if you don’t send these documents

6- You will quickly receive a response to your request and the necessary documents  to obtain your visa and the contact details of your host family.


Payment by bank transfer :

Between undersigned :
On the one hand, AFAR 17, Association of host families Rochelaise (non-profit association law of 1901),